Just A Little Reminder!

Another beautiful day with the sun shining, birds singing and just feeling happy and positive about life. I just wanted to remind anyone reading this that you are absolutely beautiful, your strong and your future is looking bright, you will get your happy ever after, you will achieve everything you set out to do.

We all have bad days, days where we feel like giving up on our dreams.. well i’m here to remind you that you are truly worth it! No matter what life throws at us we have to get back up no matter what. Im a bug believer in growing through what we go through and us glowing with pride knowing we always get through every hurdle life dumps on us.

We are true warriors, we are great believers and we believe in ourselves, we know what we are capable of.. and thats the future we have all worked so hard for, the future we almost gave up on yet here we are smashing it!!

You was born for this, you have your full potential, you can do absolutely anything!!!

Strive for progress, not perfection!

Alisha Woods – Founder of The Influential Individual

Branding Your Business

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How to Brand your business is based on how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see you.. You use your personal branding to differentiate yourself from other people.

Whether your a influencer, a leader, mentor or whatever.. you don’t follow the crowds, you focus on your own dreams and make them a reality ✌️

The Influential Individual

Watching The World Go By

Photograph: River Nene Walkway Wellingborough

After 3 lockdowns and the world slowly and carefully returning to “normal”. It was such a lovely day having a good walk around River Nene Walkway! Im so thankful the weather stayed good for us.

Seeing all the beautiful nature and wildlife whilst other families and friends gather for a picnic or a nice walk along the lake it reminded me what a-bit of normality truly felt like. I know covid-19 hasn’t gone for good, and i know not everyone is safe from the horrible virus upon us, but I’m so blessed to have family and good friends to share days like today with.

It was so good to have some time out and leave our worries at home so we could enjoy the inner peace. Going for walks is like therapy and i’m sure a lot of you can agree with me, the lovely breeze, seeing everyone enjoying themselves without worrying about the true reality just felt like i was at a big happy place, where everyone is just happy and getting on with their Lifes.

Nature is beautiful and going for walks in also great to have some ‘you’ time.. clear your head and just live in the moment, because its moments like those that unfortunately don’t come around often enough and for that i am so grateful.

Live your life by taking one step at a time, life is precious so spend it with your loved ones and make memories.. not only is it good for today, but memories are forever treasured and something we will always be thankful to look back on 💕.

Live with no excuses, travel without regrets.

Alisha Woods Founder Of The Influential Individual


The Warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones who fight!

– Alisha Woods,
Founder of The Influential Individual

Warrior Tee Designed By Alisha Woods

This is dedicated to the individuals out there who are too afraid to talk openly whether its about their past life experiences or something they are going through as we speak.

Personally i know what its like to experience times where you feel like giving up, or like your stuck in one place and not sure how to move forward. Theres so many people out there not having the right support network, having no one to talk to about how they are feeling or that they are struggling.

I want you to know, even when it feels like your all alone and your feeling empty, weak and just wishing you had someone to rant to.. just know there is help out there, theres people willing to listen and give you advice, willing to help you through your struggles.

We have a merchandise range available to buy, including Awareness of Mental Health, Warrior, Self-Acceptance, Positivity Reminders, Self-Love quotes and more available now.

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Alisha Woods – The Influential Individual

Little Steps, Bigger Results

We all have dreams, and plans as to where we want to be in a few years from now. Theres people who push themselves so hard to get there quicker without taking everything else into account.

I always say you can achieve anything if you push yourself a little more, what i don’t mean is pressuring yourself before your even ready.

Sometimes if you push yourself too much before your even ready, you will end up feeling pressured which can result in failure. So my advice is, don’t push yourself before your ready, take little steps everyday, because its the little steps that lead to bigger results!!

You have your future in front of you, theres no time limit on success you get there when you get there..

So stop being so hard on yourself, don’t feel like “whats the point” just because your not quite ready, its ok to go at your own paste you cant just wake up and be successful.

Take everyday as they come, you cant rush perfection. But i do promise one day all those little goals you smashed whether they are personal or business related.. they was worth it, they all add up and made you who you are & got you to where you are whether its now or in the near future.

You’ve got this 🙏🏻

– The Influential Individual –

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our personal development journey with you including self-acceptance and personal growth whilst also building our confidence.

I want to support others that are also on the same journey, because theres so many people out there that have had current life experiences affect their mental health including the current pandemic. We all need a kick start and support when we can get it, theres nothing better than spreading positivity and supporting others on life journeys too and thats what we are here for.

We will listen to ways you plan to do things, in which areas in personal development you want to work on and grow, and support you in anyway we possibly can.

You don’t have to share your journey with us until you feel ready, but we are sharing ours in hope of inspiring others they can grow in self-development and become who they’ve always planned out to become.

We’ve got you, your not alone! now tell us.. whats your mission?

Ability is what your a capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, Attitude determines how well you do it!

You may feel like you don’t have the right skills to live your dreams doing what you’ve always wanted to do in life, but it don’t mean you cant make a start!

Get planning, jot down some ideas. Take a little step everyday because what it all leads up to is WORTH IT !

The Influential Individual – Who we are

We are a new blog in the Motivational Speaking Sector and influencing Personal Development whilst sharing our own personal journey with you.

A good influencer is a passionate influencer, we care about our passion and share it with those who are also on a journey to self-acceptance and self-development. We would love to inspire and support those also going through similar!

Personal-Development consists of activities that develop a persons capabilities and their potential, they are full of dreams and aspirations.

We are trying to find ways to improve whether its part of personal-development or growth in different sectors such as business.

Personal-Development falls under 5 different categories which are Mental, Social, Spiritual, emotional and physical.

Theres some individuals out there who don’t have a big support network around them so they are in this journey alone, this is why we are sharing our journey in hope of inspiring and encouraging them to make a start and we will support you all the way 100% we are in this together!

– The Influential Individual